Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Combined Chi Running Focuses is the Key

To feel like your running effortlessly, avoid running injuries and be more energy efficient (so you can run farther or in shorter time), you need to be practicing the combined chi running focuses.

When you're learning chi running it takes time to combine the focuses as it can be easier to practice some of the focuses on their own (like the armswing, posture or y'chi) and others together (like the posture, ankle lift and knee bend).  Initially while you will enjoy the benefit of the posture focus or rear armswing focus on it's own, it's really when you manage to combine the totality of focuses that you will glide along effortlessly, it's a real AHA moment!

So in the early stages of learning the chi running technique, before you go for your run, decide what focuses you're going to practice on each run.  If it's a short run you might practice just one or two focuses separately or together. If it's a long run you might practice all the focuses every 10 - 15 minutes (use your watch timer to beep) and at the end of the run practice all the focuses combined. If you've attended a workshop, the chirunning App will really help.

Like learning anything new, you will progress gradually and your running will start to become more effortless and in time when you go out one day and you automatically combine all the focuses, you just won't know yourself.

Running using all the focuses together is the key!

Next time you're out on a run, scan your body to see if you're running using the combination of all focuses or are you only using some of them.  If it's the latter, identify the ones you're not using and gradually incorporate them into your running.

Happy ChiRunning!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Use your shadow to check-in on your running technique

At last some sunshine!  Use your shadow to check in on your running technique....

Running with the sun directly behind you will place your shadow right in front of you which makes it easy to check what's going on with your shoulders and armswing especially for those of your with shoulder rotation and imbalance in your armswing. 

Running with the sun right beside you will place your shadow along side you where you can easily check your lean, posture and armswing.

....it's great, just like a running buddy checker, I love it :-)

Monday, 3 March 2014

Workshop at Clondrohid Track, Macroom

I'm delighted to have had the opportunity to hold a Chi Running workshop at the newly opened Clondrohid Track in Macroom last Sunday and well done to all my new Chi Runners, you worked hard on the day and we enjoyed lots of laughs along the way.

The Clondrohid community is so lucky to have such a great facility on their doorstep, I'm totally jealous!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Get your Centre ahead of your Feet

When you're Chi Running your center of body mass (Dantien) is ahead of your feet when you're in your support stance and you should feel like you’re gently falling forward as you run, but remember it is a controlled fall. 


So when you're in your one legged stance your center should be ahead of your feet. But if your Dantien is above your feet it means that you’re pulling yourself forward with your hamstrings and you’re not leaning and not taking advantage of the pull of gravity, assisted propulsion.

Remember use the body sensing technique to feel like you’re gently falling forward.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Invest in Your Long-term Health

Participation in one of the Chi Running workshops is an investment in your health and is (approx.) equivalent in cost for two physiotherapy, sports massage or acupuncture sessions.  However an important additional benefit to your investment in the workshop is that you learn to run in a way that prevents injury and is energy efficient, so it's an even greater investment in your long term health!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Golden Arches: Human Feet More Flexible Than We Thought,

Article by Deborah Franklin,
The healthy human foot's outer arch may be more flexible than previously thought.

The healthy human foot's outer arch may be more flexible than previously thought....
.....There was nothing wrong with any of these feet, the scientist emphasizes. It's our definition of normal that needs to change.
"A sports shoe with a lot of arch support might not be such a great idea," he says. A bit of cushioning is fine. "But I'd look for a shoe that lets your toes wiggle and doesn't constrain foot motion. You want your foot to be able to move and flatten because that's what it's designed to do."
Click here for the full article

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Marlay parkrun - weekly free 5km Timed Run

What a great idea the parkrun is and the perfect way to get people up and out of their beds early on a bright sunny morning to meet others in one of Dublin's finest parks.....I went along for a peek this morning and was pleasantly surprised at the turn out on an August bank holiday weekend!  Very well organized, great atmosphere and so good to see people taking an interest in running to keep fit.

The run starts at 9.30am and afterwards many enjoy a well earned coffee in the Marlay CafĂ© or go to the market beside Marlay House where there are lots of goodies for sale from coffees to freshly baked breads/cakes, fresh fish, butchers, heaps of fresh fruit, every kind of olive
and so much more!   Well worth a visit if you're in the area, I'll definitely be back.
Click here to bring you to Parkrun/marlay website where you can register online.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

10 Good Reasons to get Walking or Running

Here's my top 10 Good Reasons to get up off the couch and get out there Walking or Running...

1. When you exercise you release endorphins which make you feel happy.
2. It's therapeutic as it helps clear the mind and de-stress.
3. It stimulates many organs like your gut (improves your daily constitution), sinuses (clears them out), heart (keeps it pumping strong) etc...... keeping them all working better!
4. For many females it reduces menstrual cramps and the number of days...can't argue with that.
5. Lose weight, tone up and improves self confidence.
6. Increases energy.
7. Helps you stay looking younger.
8. Promotes better sleeping.
9. Makes you feel part of a community as you interact with people when your out.
10. Expels toxins through sweat and promotes stronger bones and joints.

...so, what are you waiting for?

2012 Scientific Study shows ChiRunning Technique Reduces Impact

"The recent UNC scientific study confirms years of our clinical experience." says Dr. William Mullins at the Center for Rheumatic Diseases and Osteoporosis in Bethesda, Maryland.

"Chi Running is a unique running style that causes less stress for lower extremity joints and supporting structures than any other running technique. Chi Running reduces the risk of running injuries, and increases the chance that we can continue running into our 80s. I routinely recommend the ChiRunning workshops or DVDs for my patients who run for exercise." 

The following are the Key Findings:

(1) Experienced the least amount of impact.
(2) Experienced a smoother landing without the jarring most commonly attributed to heel striking.
(3) Landed closer to their center of gravity.
(4) Showed the least amount of Maximum Braking Force upon impact with the ground.

The study, A Comparison of Lower Extremity Joint Work and Initial Loading Rates Among Four Different Running Styles, (Goss, 2012) compared four common types of running styles:
TSR – Runners with a rearfoot strike and wearing traditional running shoes.
MSR – Runners with a rearfoot strike and wearing minimalist shoes.

MSA – Runners with an anterior (forefoot) strike and wearing minimalist shoes.
CHI – Runners in this group were proficient in the Chi Running technique with a midfoot (full-foot) landing in both traditional and minimalist shoes.

Click Here to go to the ChiLiving website for more details on the 1-year study at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA.  

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Chi Running in Dublin

The upcoming Chi Running Workshop in Dublin on Saturday 24th August will take place in Terenure Village, Dublin 6. We'll be in the Memorial Hall while learning the technique and outdoor in the picturesque Bushy Park for some fun drills, exercises and practice running. Possibly a picnic lunch weather permitting :-)

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn how to make your running easy, energy efficient and prevent injuries.
Last minute bookings email: effortlessrunning@gmail.com